The Digital Wrap

Get out of the truck and go online to own your customers

Discover techniques for taking service activities online to strengthen customer relationships and maximize the value of your service contracting brand. Every service company can build a Digital Wrap if they’re committed to making small changes across their business that result in big increases in its value.

In The Digital Wrap, ServiceTrade founder and CEO Billy Marshall lays out a step-by-step process that any service contracting company can implement. This book will show you how to:

  • Increase the perceived value of your services and add additional revenue streams
  • Make it easy for your technicians to provide world-class service with no added cost
  • Streamline your marketing efforts and expenses and grow the value of your brand
  • Ensure the future of your company, no matter who else tries to enter your market

Impressive! Right on target! The Digital Wrap is an eye-opening, entertaining, and informative book that zeros in on customer-focused relationships using current technology tools and eMarketing concepts that many contractors have just plain missed. Contractors often keep up with technical advances in the industry, but most have not stayed current on customer service and marketing technology. The Digital Wrap guides contractors through current “best practices” for marketing in an age when everyone is seeking the attention of the customer.

James GraeningCEO, B2B Sales Excellence

B2B customers are buying differently than ever before. They evaluate buying decisions based on confidence, perceived value, and ease of use. Giving the end user a phenomenal experience and keeping them engaged is more important than ever. The Digital Wrap reinforces the importance of user experience and embodies the new way of doing business. Billy will challenge you to rethink old strategies and to start working smarter. You will learn how to communicate with your customers online to give them an amazing experience that builds the value of your brand.

Michael CraftonCEO, Team 360 Services

Leaders looking to create a higher level of intimacy with their customers should read The Digital Wrap. This book has made us think differently about how we approach our customers, and incorporating some of Billy’s key applications outlined inside have transformed our business model. He provides an innovative approach for driving companies into the digital world and making them indispensable to their customers. If you are looking for ideas to take your business to the next level, then read this book.

Patrick LynchPresident and CEO, The Hiller Companies
Billy Marshall

About Billy Marshall

Billy is a technology entrepreneur who loves big challenges. He was an early employee at Red Hat, a technology company that has grown from $12 million in sales in 1998 to over $2 billion in 2015. Billy led the Red Hat team that defined the product and sales recipe for “free software.” After Red Hat, he founded rPath with a group of Red Hat veterans and helped define the new approach for cloud computing and virtualized applications. ServiceTrade is his current passion because technology can be a significant uplifting force for local and regional service companies – creating good jobs and wealth in the communities they serve.

Local service contracting businesses are currently at risk of being disrupted by Internet entities that will pull the wealth out of communities and leave behind the lowest paying jobs. A college education, with its inflated costs from easy student loans, is often out of reach and increasingly irrelevant for many prospective workers. Strong local service brands can attract, train, and pay good salaries and benefits for a new generation of technology-savvy technicians. Billy founded ServiceTrade to provide a technology path for service contracting companies to build sustainable brands and provide interesting, high-paying jobs for skilled workers.

Billy lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with his wife, Jodi, and three lovely daughters, Taylor, Ali, and Carly. When not working to amplify the reach and impact of ServiceTrade, he enjoys offshore fishing and almost every other outdoor sporting activity you can imagine.

Watch Billy speak about the tenets of the Digital Wrap at a recent conference

What is a Digital Wrap?

Be More Valuable to Customers

Growth using technology in the face of a skilled labor shortage

Growth Without Hiring

Amazon’s Sticky Customer Engagement

Build trust with customers

Build Trust Like Google

Uberize: Use Technology for Awesome Customer Service

What Readers are Saying

This book has given me new life and renewed my passion for the customer. I am very excited to implement the things I have learned from “THE DIGITAL WRAP”

Amazon Reviewer

This is a book that I’d recommend to any field-service based business that wants some inspiration and exposure to untapped revenue, and customer retention opportunities.

Amazon Reviewer

This book has changed my thinking from trying to improve the business from the inside out (i.e., from my accounting & dispatching software and hoping that would trickle out toward my customers) to improving it from the outside in — by putting systems in place that make my customers rabid fans, first, and then tie that into my back end office systems.

This was such a dramatic shift in my thinking that it took me a couple of days to really let it sink in and to see the power that it would give me over my competition. Nobody in my industry (in my market) is approaching their technology solutions this way.

Amazon Reviewer

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